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She is very trustworthy and thorough.

Pleasure to work with.

Bob Alcantara

Brittany was wonderful to work with.

As a first time homebuyer, I had a lot of questions, but she was able to answer all of them for me. I would recommend her to anyone in the area looking for a realtor.


Dream Team Tina and Brittany (I call them the dream team) have been nothing short of amazing on my home buying journey!

I met Brittany about 3 years ago on a random post that I made looking for a rental after just moving to tampa, she told me to get in contact with her mother, Tina, who then told me that I should consider buying a forever home. Me being young and upside down on my finances I never would have thought it could have been possible. Tina helped me in more ways than I could speak about from credit repair, to life experiences, up to the point of closing of my very first home! The dream team helped me get my girls into a safe, beautiful neighborhood. They listened to everything that I said I wanted and gave me just that! My experience with them was extremely personal and it made all the difference knowing that they actually wanted to make sure I got the best deal and didn't have to compromise on what I wanted. I had so much credit from closing I couldn't use it all, Tina made sure that she looked out for me like I was her own daughter. I am forever grateful! Thank you again, Verified by RateMyAgent

Ivory Powell

Will go the extra mile for you I am so thankful to have you as an agent.

The purchase process was quick and easy. I am happy to finally have that house of my dreams. I appreciate the time you spent with me. We look forward to working with you again in the future. Verified by RateMyAgent

Jennifer Pincaro

As a home inspector I work with realtors and there clients.

Brittany's not your average agent, she love homes and care about the outcome of the real estate transaction. I would highly recommend Brittany to anyone buying or selling a home in this competitive real estate market.

Fletcher Adams

Brittany was truly a gem to work with.

She truly jumps in to assist her buyers with their real estate needs during and after the transaction. I appreciate her being so responsive when I needed during a mutual client loan application process and making sure she is diligent with what’s needed to help get to the closing table smoothy. I recommend Brittany for all your real estate needs.

Keisha Durand

A Great Experience With Brittany Gregovich The main challenge we had was not being in Florida to look at homes in person.

Brittany took all of the challenge out and made our experience of looking for a home simple and easy. She was always quick to schedule seeing the homes we were interested in and was very thorough when showing the homes. Brittany was always available to answer any questions we had and her knowledge made it easy for us to go through all of the many steps of the house buying process! Thank you so much Brittany! Verified by RateMyAgent

Cindy Suite


..I had this crazy idea. I wanted to buy a house...during a pandemic, in a city that I had never lived in. Now, this may sound crazy to you, but it didn't sound crazy to me. In fact, there was another person that didn't find this idea crazy...that was Brittany. Brittany told me almost 6 weeks ago, "Brian, I got you..." And now, here I am 6 weeks later, in a new home. Cannot thank Brittany, and her mom Tina enough for everything that they did for me. They are friends for life. Will recommend until my fingers are no longer useful.

Brian Bailey

Awesome Agent Brittany Brittany is the best and most awesome agent we could’ve ask for.

She went beyond what you think an agent would do to help get the house we wanted. Verified by RateMyAgent

Glenn Smith

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